About Cora

Cora is an MVC style framework for rapidly building scalable web applications. The goal of the project is to make a powerful and well-built infrastructure that is EASY TO USE and well documented. This is a project aimed at experienced world-class developers and the just starting out novice alike. We don't shy away from advanced design patterns, but rather make every effort to encapsulate that complexity away from the developer so that they can focus on creating apps, not wrestling with a framework. Our hope is that this results in cleaner, more understandable code for all involved.

Core Values

Being a Trend-Setter for PHP

PHP originally gained massive popularity for it's ease of entry and wide availability. While the wide availability is still there, it feels as though that focus on making PHP accessible to the masses has fallen off in recent years. As a result it could be argued that PHP has lost its sense of identity, leaving it only as a mediocre contender amongst the group of popular programming languages where it can be argued that PHP has a syntax that is sub-par and lots of left-over baggage from it's pre-OOP days.

It's the hope of the Cora project to bring back that sense of excitement and identity that made PHP a standout language for so many years.

Josiah Bubna & Team

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